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How to Rekindle Sex in Your Relationship

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I stumbled on an interesting article in the New York Times titled “When Sex Leaves the Marriage” and, ironically, just this past weekend my girlfriends and I half-heartedly joked about the loss of libido as part and parcel of being over-50. The way the conversation went, I think we were talking about the sex-starved marriage as a by-product of being married anyway from 10-30 years.

Well, for many of us the kids are just now getting out of the house, so maybe the best sex is yet to come?!! Well, turns out that’s wishful thinking. Lots of reasons and lots of variance on “sexless” and what it means. Kids may only be part of the problem stealing sex from your relationship.

We’re a savvy and curious group of well-educated women and over-50 and not just about sex. But, we have to say..many of us are reeling that, for men, a blue pill is the silver bullet. For women, rekindling sex may be any one of these, or any of these in combination:

- couples therapy
- a vacation alone (or with the girlfriends!)
- (life alone or with the girlfriends:))
- sex toys
- testosterone
- hormone replacement therapy
- birth control pills
- vaginal lubrication
- kegel exercises
- chocolate!!
- oysters and other favorite aphrodisiacs
- sleep
- goddess groups
- bladder surgery

All kidding aside, there are as many solutions to women’s waning interest in sex as there are chili recipes during football season. That’s why I can’t wait to hear what Sheri Winston, Author of “Anatomy of Arousal“, has to say about it on Wednesday, June 8th at 12:30 pm EST.

Sheri Winston is a healthcare professional and a sex educator whose classes and workshop inform and inspire on this little discussed topic. Most healthcare professionals do not broach the subject of sexual intimacy and sexual health with their patients and Sheri is changing that with her new book.

If you’re a woman of any lifestage, come join us for new discovery that will shine a light on your own “truth” and pathway to wellbeing.

Join Kelley Connors, MPH, Wellness Coach and Women’s Health Advocate with Sheri Winston on the Real Women on Health on-line radio show, Wednesday June 8th at 12:30 pm EST for more on this taboo topic.

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