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Welcome to Real Women on Health!

I’m Kelley Connors, Host of Real Women on Health on-line radio,  and I invite you to join our on-line community of women who are advocates, champions and agents of change in women’s health. From mid-life mammas to mid-life grandmas and caregivers, our power comes from connecting women-to-women, tapping into our collective wisdom to inform and inspire each other with real challenges and real stories. We engage in candid conversations with experts, authors, film producers and real women who are agents of change. Our style is fresh and informative, empowering and, at times humorous. We talk about fertility & reproductive health to mid-life women’s health concerns including relationships and all aspects of wellness and wellbeing.

Our edge? Our on-line radio show with real women guests seek a higher level of wellbeing.   And, we’re not afraid to ask those hard questions that have the power to light up a new way of thinking – and a higher level of wellbeing.



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Midlife Women’s Health and Wellbeing Book Authors:

“Shameless: How I Ditched the Diet, Found True Pleasure and Got Home in Time to Cook Dinner” by Pamela Madson

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