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Kelley Connors, MPH, is founder of Real Women on Health  and an on-line voice for midlife women

“As more women turn 50 than 30, women must gain knowledge and adopt new behaviors that will help them not only live longer, but better.  It’s an exciting time forwomen to discover their own pathway to wellbeing and my goal is to inspire and empower them”, says Kelley Connors, MPH, Founder Real Women on Health and President of KC Health.

Ms. Connors’ approach is based both on gender, medical and health research and her own insights from on-line women-to-women conversations.  Her conversations expand on the on-line radio show topic and are brought into community events, corporate events and small businesses who want to explore women’s health and wellbeing issues.

Ms. Connors hosts Real Women on Health on-line radio and is President of KC Health, a healthcare marketing consultancy. She is also a trained wellness coach, and is on the Blogger Advisory Council for the American Cancer Society and is a member of the Strategic Committee for HealthyWomen. She blogs for HuffingtonPost50. Kelley was nominated a Women of Innovation by the Connecticut Technology Council in 2010.

To bring the presentation, Design the Second Half of Your Life, into your community of women with Kelley, please email her at

 About Kelley Connors

Kelley Connors is the Founder of Real Women on Health, a women’s health conversation network of select women’s health web sites, with a collective mission to empower women to be their own best health and wellness advocates. The on-line community hosts events, radio shows and events for women as consumers, e-patients, caregivers, and agents of change in health today.